ASUS P8Z77-M Pro

This board currently supports TPMv1 modules, please note that TPM v2 module is not currently supported The following TPM modules have been tested and known to work: Asus branded TPM rev. 1.02H & Foxconn TPM Krypton rev. 1.0

Please determine the version you want to build (HOTP or not).

For the ASUS P8Z77-M Pro there are multiple maximized boards under ./boards, p8z77-m_pro-tpm1-maximized and p8z77-m_pro-tpm1-maximized-hotp.

As opposed to Legacy boards produced ROM images, Maximized boards produced ROMs are totally valid ROMs, including a valid Intel Flash Descriptor (IFD), Ethernet, a valid neutered Intel ME containing only BUP+ROMP modules which liberated space is given back to the BIOS (coreboot+payload) region. The IFD also has the VSCC table remove in these boards]( which prevents the ME having an instruction of what model of flash chip to write to.

These boards have a script in the ‘blobs/p8z77-m_pro’ folder which will automatically download a factory rom and perform the necassary modifications and extraction.

You can also download the ROMs directly from CircleCI

make BOARD=p8z77-m_pro-tpm1-maximized


make BOARD=p8z77-m_pro-tpm1-hotp-maximized

Please continue with the flashing guide

More options and detail about Heads modules under Makefile