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Lenovo X230 Maximized

Please determine the version you want to build (HOTP or not).

For the Thinkpad x230 there are multiple maximized boards under ./boards, x230-maximized, x230-hotp-maximized and x230-hotp-maximized_usb-kb.

All those roms are externally flashable through their top and bottom rom images.

As opposed to Legacy boards produced ROM images, Maximized boards produced ROMs are totally valid ROMs, including a valid Intel Flash Descriptor (IFD), Ethernet Intel Gigabit configuration flash space fiaxating MAC to DE:AD:C0:FF:EE, a valid neutered Intel ME containing only BUP+ROMP modules which liberated space is given back to the BIOS (coreboot+payload) region.

x230 maximized boards need blobs to be downloaded and extracted from Lenovo prior of building the board configuration.

Please refer to the xx30 blobs documentation, debian-11 dependencies tested working per CircleCI and how CircleCI call the blobs download script to produce ROMs.

You can also download the ROMs directly from CircleCI

make BOARD=x230-maximized bootstrap
make BOARD=x230-maximized


make BOARD=x230-hotp-maximized bootstrap
make BOARD=x230-hotp-maximized

If running a supported OS (Debian-11/Ubuntu 20.04), have installed proper dependencies, ran the xx30 blobs download script prior of calling the above make commands for your chosen board flavor, 3 roms should have been created:

  • A fully valid 12Mb rom to be flashed internally, also splitted into:
  • A top(4Mb) ROM, to be flashed externally on the top SPI flash chip.
  • A bottom(8Mb) ROM, to be flashed externally on the bottom SPI flash chip

Please continue with the flashing guide

More options and detail about Heads modules under Makefile