Official Heads is over Matrix

You can lurk the channels by not installing any client, use web browser as client if you register but full experience is through recommended Element client.

Matrix is a federated network: choose your home server

EG: Tested (No e-mail required at registration, tor friendly) home server:

Official Matrix documentation

Matrix<->Slack bridge is dead: long lived the bridge

Notice : The original Slack channel has moved from paid tier to free tier for over more than one year which makes Heads OSFW Slack channel was dead: it’s not the case.

That’s the consequences unfortunate circumstance that are not under my control.

The free tier has only 90 days of chat history and is inferior to the integration provided by Element/Matrix, which haven’t loss its chat history since the bridge was create, even after Slack bridge went dead. The community lives over Matrix and GitHub.

Unfortunately, there is not much I can do on the Slack side of the bridge and I do not use Slack on a daily basis. Until some apps linked on the Slack channel are removed for the Matrix bridge to come back active and interconnected with Matrix, the slack side of the bridge will continue to look dead.

I am not present over Slack but through Matrix. I reminded folks responsible for Slack channel on 19/04/2024 once more and edited this page accordingly to not have to repeat myself over and over and have an historical trace of what happened and what needs to be done to correct the situation.

Please use the Element/whatever client works for you (open source) with the Matrix channel referred above. That channel is alive and the ecosystem is evolving. Slack channel is dead until fixed by either Ronald Minnich or Felix Singer which have the proper permissions to do something about it on the Slack side of things.

Once fixed, please open an issue under heads-wiki to correct this notice accordingly.

Thierry Laurion

Found a bug under Heads?

  1. Search past open/close issues
  2. Open a new issue on Github is none previously existing were found

(Please reapply same logic principles for Heads-wiki!)