Asus P8Z77-M Pro

This board uses a DIP8 socketed W25q64 Winbond rom. The chip can be removed from the motherboard to flash, be careful when removing the chip to not bend or snap pins.

Use a suitable SPI programmer with an appropriate compatible tool (in this example we use a ch341a_spi programmer with flashroom utility in linux).

It is advised to back up your factory rom incase you wish to revert later

flashrom --programmer ch341a_spi -r factory.rom

Then flash the heads rom

flashrom --programmer ch341a_spi -w heads-circleci-artefect.rom

(replace heads-circleci-artefect.rom with the name of the artefact downloaded frmo CircleCi

Re-insert the w25q64 into the motherboard, ensuring that the notch on the side ofg the chip matches the notch on the DIP8 socket.

It may take a little longer on the first boot after first inserting the chip, as the RAM training happens.