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Lenovo X230

For the Thinkpad x230 there are two boards in ./boards, x230-flash and x230. x230-flash is externally flashable and contains a smaller package that will let us boot to the Heads recovery shell. x230 is only internally flashable and contains all of Heads. Since we will end up using both x230-flash and x230, it makes the most sense to build both now.

Initial SPI2 (4MB) flash chip

x230 boards needs their 4MB SPI2 to be initially externally flashed, while the 12MB rom needs to be flashed internally from within Heads to make sure to not screw up with ME, contained in the SPI1 flash (8MB bottom flash chip under keyboard)

The following make command generates a self-contained, externally flashable rom for the SPI2 (4MB BIOS, top SPI flash under keyboard).

make BOARD=x230-flash

Resulting rom is found under build/x230-flash/x230-flash.rom

Subsequent flashing (upgrades)

The following make command will generate a 12MB coreboot.rom under the build/x230 directory.

make BOARD=x230

The coreboot.rom is the one needed to flash rom updates from within Heads in respect of ME. This is done with the help of the script from Heads recovery shell.

Please continue to the flashing guide

More options and detail about Heads modules under Makefile